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CS 20 - Zombie Walks

Zombie from opening video.

Zombie 1201 is a male zombie found on the 2nd Floor of the Mortuary, in the Receiving Room.



This man, late in his life, signed a Dead Contract (the 1201st) for some money so that his body could be reanimated as a corpse and so that he could gain some money in life. But as some point he realised that he desperately did not want to be Raised and sent a letter begging the Dustmen not to reanimate his body, containing a magical earring which contained 99 copper commons, an extraordinary sum by Sigil's means. The letter said:

"Please, to whatever Dustman reads this; I beg of you. I know of my legal obligation under the terms of the Dead Contract, but I am prepared to offer *more* than my signing fee if you will cremate my body rather than Raising it. I have arranged for this note to be left with my body upon my death. If you are reading this, then please use this note as instructed and accept the result in exchange for my Contracted duty. Let my Contract number serve as the key."


The note was, alas, too late however. On his death, his corpse was brought to the Mortuary with the note on his body, but nobody checked it and therefore his wish to be cremated was not heeded and he was reanimated with the note he had written (and the earring) stitched inside his mouth. The Nameless One can remove these stitches and for 250XP take the letter and after following the rules of the note, the earring that comes with it.


In his life as a zombie, his contract number is inked into his forehead and it runs down his cheeks, eyes and into his mouth and the letter.

Rule-of-Three EarringEdit

Weight: 0
His earring is that of a Minor Copper Blessing, that donates 33 copper commons after every use. It is a beautiful earring, and carries a minor blessing from one of the gods of wealth on a backwater prime world. When held in the hand and the word "copper" is whispered, it gives the wearer 33 copper commons, this can be done thrice before the copper enchantment runs out. This ring suggests that the zombie may have been an enchanter, although this is just speculation.

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