Yellow-Fingers is a weaselly Collector in Ragpicker's Square.

Conversation Edit

If Morte is in the party, he immediately thinks that it's his skull and demands to have it back.

  • Telling him that the skull isn't his results in a fight.
  • Telling him that he won't get the skull increases Morte's morale.
  • Telling him to take the skull results in Morte attacking Yellow-Fingers (and possibly decreases Morte's morale, verify)
  • Offering to buy the skull off him exasperates Morte, but 5 coppers will suffice.

If the matter is settled without bloodshed, and if TNO didn't ask questions, Yellow-Fingers attempts to pickpocket TNO. (Requires 12+ Intelligence to notice.) Observing his technique grants 200 XP and +1 Pick Pockets skill. Grabbing his hand as he goes for a second attempt requires 12+ dexterity but ends in violence. Asking what he's doing allows TNO to threaten him, and ask for the money back.

Alignment Edit

  • Lawful: Asking Yellow-Fingers for proof that he owns Morte.
  • Good: Offering to buy Morte off Yellow-Fingers.
  • Chaotic: Bluffing after catching him when he tries to steal from TNO.
  • Good: Giving Yellow-Fingers money after catching him stealing (Verify)

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