"Tempered with the lethal venom of the dreaded hook spider, the magical properties of this blade, known simply as "Widowmaker", are much sought after by practicing assassins throughout the Planes. The poison that has been magically and permanently infused into the dagger immediately infects those cut by it. Additionally, the wielder of "Widowmaker" immediately develops an improved resistance to poison simply from holding the blade."

Stats Edit

Equippable only by thieves, this dagger's properties are:

  • Damage: 3-7 Piercing
  • Enchanted: +2
  • Special:
    • +2 Slashing Damage
    • Poisons Target
    • +25% Resistance to Poison
  • THAC0: +2
  • Speed: 1
  • Weight: 1

Acquisition Edit

Widowmaker can only be found at one store: the Siege Tower in the Lower Ward. It requires The Nameless One to have both thief specializations, and TNO must be a thief at the time of purchase.

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