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Wayward Daughter is a gender-specific quest in Cliff's Edge given to female Castoffs. The male counterpart is Wayward Son. This quest involves helping one of Mother Temaz's children.

Acquisition Edit

'Wayward Daughter' is acquired by speaking to Mother Temaz in the south of Cliff's Edge, not far from the exit to Circus Minor. She is worried about a young woman who has lost her name and memories, and is descending into madness, who calls herself Loss-of-Self.

Walkthrough Edit

Loss-of-Self can be found near the three triangles north of the Fifth Eye. She explains that she has slowly been loosing her memories for years, and is in a desperate fight against a woman in her head who's been trying to take over her mind and body. She adds that despite what she's been experiencing, the woman is nice. She thinks it all started when she encountered her in the Fifth Eye. She also suggests looking at the records in Government Square.

Option 1: Persuasion Edit

Loss-of-Self can be persuaded in the following ways (Intellect task aided by the Persuasion skill):

  • She can be talked into suicide by leaping off the cliff. This angers the other party members and increases the Red and Gold Tides.
  • She can also be persuaded to surrender the fight, and the remnants of herself to the woman, and make peace with the situation. This increases the Indigo Tide.

Neither of these options are very satisfactory to Mother Temaz, but she still rewards 25 XP and the Caul Shield.

Option 2: Confronting the Ghost Edit

The ghost that Loss-of-Self described is in the Fifth Eye, a bar in Cliff's Edge. When approached, the ghostly woman doesn't pay any attention, only when spoken to does she attack and attempt to strangle the Last Castoff.

  • Fighting her off with might defense allows the Last Castoff to escape, but doesn't advance the quest.
  • 3XP for allowing her to rip the Last Castoff's throat out.

This last option transports both the Last Castoff and the Ghostly Woman to the Labyrinth, where a proper conversation can take place. The woman says that for reasons she can't explain, many women, iterations of herself, are born in Sagus Cliffs and suffer the same as Loss-of-Self. She implores the Last Castoff to find all of them to find a way to solve the problem. She mentions that there is another woman like them, a leader somewhere in the city to be found yet.

This begins the Ashen Imitation side-quest.

A silhouette of Loss-of-Self appears and can be interacted with to retrieve one of the Ghostly Woman's memories, about the Thabat siege of Sagus Cliffs.

This fathom can be exited to the southwest to return to The Calm, which has the portal back to the real world.

Option 3: Finding the records Edit

The Council Clerk in Government Square has access to all the city's documents and can be asked to search for a missing person's report for a woman matching Loss-of-Self's description. When he finds it though, it appears to have been badly damaged, and he can only confirm that she was born in the city, and her family was looking for her.

Option 4: Consulting Iyene Who Knows Edit

Buying a secret from, Iyene Who Knows will reveal that Loss-of-Self's parents visit her regularly and that they bring food. This will help her regain some of her memories and solve the quest satisfactory to Mother Temaz and help regain her name.

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