It is unclear whether Vlask is a collector or simply disguised as one. He operates in Ragpicker's Square, trapping his victims in a house whose only entrance or exit is a portal, and takes their money before giving them the key to get out.

Escape Edit

Entering the house traps the Nameless One and his party inside. There is a piece of junk in a container at the back of the room (X=220 Y=380).

Before long, Vlask appears, flanked by two other thugs. He demands money in exchange for the key to get out. The Nameless One can:

  • Give Vlask 100 coppers, and the man keeps his word, handing over the key.
  • Fight Vlask. Killing him and his goons grants 100 XP a piece, for a total of 300 XP.

On Vlask's body, there is:

After leaving, TNO breaks the lock to stop anyone else entering.

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