"A simple and effective explosive. Devices like these have been the bane of many who've had the misfortune of encountering them. Cobbled together from junk and numenera, this detonation can have wild effects when hurled at the enemy."

Unstable Detonation is a cypher that can be used during Crises.

Effects Edit

When used, this cypher consumes an action to deal:

  • 6 Energy damage
  • 4 Physical damage

to all characters in range.

Acquisition Edit

Unstable Detonation can be acquired at:

  • Reef of Fallen Worlds, the resonance chamber, by interacting with the device near the sarcophagus. Examining the arch it shows the Last Castoff and successfully achieving the Anamnesis Intellect task, then asking it to release the contents of Cell 0 rewards this item along with 3 XP.

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