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The Underbelly is an area beneath Sagus Cliffs. It is a slum populated by the poor and desperate, sticha, the Dendra O'hur cult and those who don't wish to be found.

Quests Edit

Experience Edit

  • 2 XP for asking Mechela if she trades with the sticha.
  • 2 XP for uncovering the corpse of a dead stichus in the collapsed tunnel to the southeast. (Might task)
  • 2 XP for touching one of the spheres in the large, pyramidal obelisk.
  • 2 XP for telling a secret to the obelisk.
  • 2 XP for asking the Master Foreman about Matkina.
  • 2 XP for showing the crystalline shard to the Master Foreman.
  • 3 XP for getting the Master Foreman to build a digging device.
  • 2 XP for asking Ch'kekt about the dead stichus in the tunnel.
  • 3 XP for describing the sticha lair to Mapper.