Tylero's Steel is a weapons shop found in the Marketplace Area of the Hive. An inconspicuous "Hive Merchant" runs it at X=1660 Y=1270.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups and steal failure.

This store allows the buying, selling and identifying of items. The Nameless One can also attempt stealing.

  • Sell Markup: 120%
  • Buy Markup: 80%
  • Identify Cost: 100 Coppers
  • Steal failure: 30%

Items for Sale Edit

This shop sells:

Item Type Stock
Antler Axe Dagger Unlimited
Battle Axe Axe Unlimited
Battle Axe of Quality Axe 1
Fist Irons Fist Unlimited
Green Steel Dagger Dagger 2
Green Steel Knife Dagger 2
High Quality Sledgehammer Hammer Unlimited
High Quality Stiletto Dagger 1
Iron Knuckles Fist Unlimited
Iron Spike Dagger Unlimited
Jagged Knife Dagger Unlimited
Knife Dagger Unlimited
Maul Hammer Unlimited
Poor Quality Mace Club Unlimited
Poor Quality Sledgehammer Hammer Unlimited
Poor Quality Stiletto Dagger Unlimited
Rusty Dagger Dagger Unlimited
Stiletto Dagger Unlimited
Wooden Club Club Unlimited
Work Hammer Hammer Unlimited

Items wiling to Buy Edit

The Hive Merchant is willing to buy the following items:

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