"Though Callistege learned Onslaught long ago, her connection to the multiverse has limited its flexibility. She can only summon transdimensional energies for her attack."

Transdimensional Onslaught is an esotery unique to Callistege. It is her version of the regular Onslaught ability.

Effects Edit

Targets 1 Enemy at Medium range. Costs 1Intellect and consumes an action.

Deals 5 transdimensional damage and confers the Hobbled fettle if the target fails to resist. (Hobbled: -50% movement Speed, -15% Icon evasion Evasion).

+1 damage per Effort applied, Max +6.

Defended by Icon willpower Willpower.

Levels Edit

Callistege is trained in this ability, which means she gets an extra 15% on attacks. The ability can be further improved later on.

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