The Nameless One must begin as a Fighter, but can learn the ways of other character classes, change classes and train in weapon skills by speaking with significant practitioners of those classes' arts. He can also use Proficiency points to gain skill in weapon types with Trainers.

Specialization Edit

Whichever class first reaches level 7 is considered TNO's first Specialization. The second Specialization occurs at level 12. If these are both the same class, this is called double specialization.

Proficiency Edit

A character's skills with a particular weapon type are called proficiency, and can be increased by Trainers, using the character's stock of proficiency points, which are shown only by asterisks * on the character chart. A maximum of nine proficiency points is given, enough for the maximum of five in one weapon (with double specialization as a fighter) and four in another. Their bonuses are shown below

Bonuses Edit

Attack speed is a major bonus gained by weapon specialization and using proficiency points

For other bonuses, mostly to attributes, see Tattoos and Attributes

Attack speed Edit

There is no such thing as Damage per Second in Torment. Weapon speed is no more than a slight tactical advantage, giving the final attack at the end of combat before other damaging blows to the fastest weapon user. Other tactical considerations are equivocal, i.e. if one is damaged earlier, then using healing items in time might be more difficult, or it might be better to get those attacks and the subsequent healing out of the way so that commands can be issued for the next sequence of attacks. The point being, that the following bonuses DO affect attack speed, in that they give EXTRA attacks.

The below effects stack with specialization bonuses for a maximum of three attacks per round

  • Weapons that have been trained to their second ** level gives an extra half an attack, i.e., every second round, TNO gets an extra attack. Weapons that have been trained to their fifth ***** level get an identical bonus, for a total of two attacks per round.[1]
  • Fighter seventh level or first specialization gives an extra half an attack. Thirteenth level or second specialization gets an identical bonus, for a total of two attacks per round.[1]

Practitioners Edit

  • Old Mebbeth in Ragpicker's Square can teach TNO to be a Mage.
  • Dak'kon is most useful in changing classes for The Nameless One (TNO); being able to change TNO back and forth between mage and fighter.
  • Ratbone, southwest of the door to the first (most easterly) house along the southern edge of Ragpicker's Square is a thief trainer NPC who must teach TNO of the art of thievery, and change his class to thief, but is not available until TNO leaves the Mortuary.
  • Porphiron in the Northwestern Area of Sigil, east of the Flophouse, can change TNO back to a fighter if Dak'kon is not in the party. He is also a Trainer.
  • Annah can change TNO to a thief. She can show him thief skills, and anytime he gets thief skills over 50%, he can improve her skills (although her years of independent living are hard to shake off, and she protests that this partnership is not a sign that she needs help).

Trainers Edit

  • Porphiron in the Northwestern Area of Sigil, east of the Flophouse, can more importantly, teach TNO skills in specific weapon types, up to 2nd level
  • Korur at 490, 2200 (L key) in the Lower Ward (a little while after getting Annah) can train weapon skills up to the final fifth level

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Citations Edit

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