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"The pages within this ancient, heavy book rustle, as if waiting to be turned. Someone has attached a much newer-looking tag to the binding which reads "Exclusive Property of Falinda and Steristia, Booksellers."

The Tome of Singing Thorns is a quest item in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Acquisition Edit

This book is found in a container in the western corner of the Buried Crossroads, one of the Changing God's lair beneath Sagus Cliffs, the entrance of which is found during The Cold, Calculating Jack quest.

Uses Edit

The book can be returned to it's rightful owner, Falinda, a bookseller in Circus Minor who accuses the Last Castoff of having stolen it.

Before that though, the book can be used from the inventory screen, and a dialogue initiated with it. A small puzzle can be solved. The thorns must be touched in the correct order. The inscription on the book reads: "Symptoms - Cyanosis, Haemophilia. Spontaneous bruising. Jaundice. Argyria. See her as she was. You do not deserve to forget what you lost.", therefore, the correct order is:

  1. Blue thorn (corresponds to cyanosis)
  2. Red thorn (haemophilia)
  3. Indigo thorn (spontaneous bruising)
  4. Gold thorn (jaundice)
  5. Silver thorn (argyria)

Solving the puzzle grants +1 Permanent Intellect pool. Doing the puzzle a second time further grants 2 XP.

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