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The Sorrow's Prey is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera. It involves finding out who the victim was in an attack by the Sorrow witnessed by Zaofi the Sculptor.

Acquisition Edit

This quest can be acquired by speaking with Zaofi the Sculptor in Circus Minor.

Walthrough Edit

Zaofi is highly distressed at not being able to accurately portray the expression of the victim in the scene he is sculpting. He has gone through many iterations of the scene, and is obsessed with understanding what the victim was feeling at the moment of his death. The sculpture was inspired not from imagination, but from his witnessing of the Sorrow killing a man. He reveals that before he could go study the man's features himself after the attack, the Dendra O'hur claimed the body.

In a slab in the Dendra O'hur Chapel in the Underbelly lies the corpse of a castoff, whose tattoo burnt through his skull. Touching the tattoo grants 2 XP at the cost of 2 HP. Imbitu, the leader of the local cult remembers that there was virtually no knowledge to be gained by consuming this man's corpse, but he also remembers seeing him in Cliff's Edge near the chiurgical parlor.

The crumbled house is indeed right outside the parlor, near three Changing God Cultists. Interacting with it and moving the rubble through a might task reveals the body of a dead girl. The a girl-shaped void can be found in the Labyrinth, but her full reflection needs to be pulled into the Labyrinth by either using Tidal Surge (which is efficient but harmful to her, and limits conversation) or by getting an object she is attached to.

The Cultists near the ruined house can be asked about the house and who looted it. They mention that they saw three dusty children rummaging through the ruins. Avina is the one who found an Interdimensional Puzzle Box in the collapsed house.

Giving the reflection this puzzle box coaxes her into the labyrinth, and allows her to speak. She says her name is Seria and that, after she died in the collapsing house, her adoptive father, a castoff named Orseolo went looking for the Sorrow so he could put an end to his life. She reveals that he helped a lot of girls like her, who heard another woman's voice in their head. Speaking with her advances another quest: Ashen Imitation.

The quest is concluded by telling Zaofi one of several things:

  • The truth, that grief drove him into the Sorrow's arms.
  • A lie, saying that the victim was in love with his killer.
  • A lie, saying that the man was simply unremarkable.

Whatever option is chosen does not affect the reward.

Rewards Edit

For speaking to Seria after giving her the puzzle box: Seria's Peace, a passive ability that grants +1 to each stat pool. This is not granted if she is pulled in using Tidal Surge.

From Zaofi:

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