The Tattoo of Wasting Darkness is one of Fell's masterfully crafted tattoos. It is equippable only by The Nameless One of the Thief class.

Description Edit

"Apparently, this tattoo tells of the experiences of one of your past incarnations... the symbols and tales are unfamiliar to you, but it seems to tell of a time when you were seeking shelter beneath the catacombs and were forced to live as a shadow might, hiding from detection by the Sigil authorities and trying to conceal yourself from the more dangerous inhabitants of the Weeping Stone catacombs."

Effects Edit

Equipped effect (permanent bonus while the tattoo is equipped):

Invoked effect (can be used only once; the tattoo's equipped effect will remain):

Acquisition Edit

Finding TNO's severed arm in the Dismembered Crypt and taking it to Fell unlocks this tattoo, which can be bought at his Tattoo Parlor for 1200 Coppers.

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