The Tattoo of Grosuk's Demise is one of Fell's masterfully crafted tattoos. It is equippable by any party member.

Description Edit

"This tattoo tells of your efforts to aid Sebastion by slaying Grosuk the abishai. This tattoo draws upon that experience and bolsters the wearer's brute strength to evade unpleasant legal entanglements."

Effects Edit

Invoked effect (can be used 9 times before the tattoo is consumed):

Acquisition Edit

Helping Sebastion by killing Grosuk unlocks this tattoo, which can then be bought from Fell at his Tattoo Parlor for 1200 Coppers.

Notes Edit

This tattoo is mutually exclusive of the Tattoo of Sebastion's End. If one is available at Fell's shop, the other won't be.

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