The tanar'ri are a race of fiends, demons native to the Abyss. They are, by nature, chaotic evil, and are a predominant race involved in the Blood War.

Types Edit

There are several types of tanar'ri present or mentioned in Planescape: Torment:

Glabrezus Edit

Glabrezus are dog-like, very poweful and cunning fiends who tempt mortal minds with power and knowledge. In combat, they are brutal warriors.

Notable glabrezus include:

Succubi and incubi Edit

The succubi (female) and the rarer incubi (male) are beautiful fiends who delight in tempting the opposite sex of any species, any age with pleasures of the flesh, taking their souls to the Abyss, usually to help in their Blood War effort. Children of succubi and humans are called Alu-fiend, while children of Alu-fiends are simply tieflings.

Notable succubi include:

Notable Alu-fiends include:

Vrock Edit

Vrock are vulture-like fiends that are often used as scouts in the Blood War.

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