"This was your pet Lim-Lim that you had Marissa turn to stone with her petrifying glance. It weighs at least twice as much as it did before. Its tiny, smiling mouth has been forever transfixed in such a manner that you can practically hear its gleeful chirp: 'Piyo!'"

The Stone Lim-Lim is an item in Planescape: Torment.


After purchasing a Lim-Lim, it can be turned to stone with the help of Marissa.

This is only possible under two conditions:

  • Marissa's veil has been returned to her (see Marissa's page for more details).
  • The Nameless One has learned that Marissa is a medusa – this is only possible if a certain dialogue option is chosen upon first meeting her. She will ask the Nameless One to describe himself. The response "You first, Marissa" must be chosen in order to later ask her to turn a Lim-Lim to stone.


Can be sold to Giltspur for 75 coppers OR for the password to the Anarchists' warehouse.

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