"You snatched this pod from a cluster of metallic tendrils in The Reef of Fallen Worlds. You can hear scratching sounds and observe the faint movement of "unborn" metallic tendrils inside. If you throw it, the pod is likely to burst... and the little tendrils will likely burrow into your target's flesh."

Steel Seed-Pod is a cypher that can be used during Crises.

Effects Edit

When used, this cypher consumes an action. It:

  • Deals 13 Physical damage
  • Confers the Bleeding fettle (2 Physical damage per turn) which lasts 3 rounds

Acquisition Edit

Can be taken from the black, hand-shaped metallic tendril cluster in the south of the Reef of Fallen Worlds. Requires the perception skill to notice it when examining the hands, and a successful Quick Fingers Speed task to snatch it.

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