"This sturdy steel box has a thick leather handle on the top, but there's no apparent way to open the thing - it appears to be welded shut. There are a number of very narrow slits along one side, though you can't quite see into the box through them. A sickly-sweet, rotting smell wafts out from the slits."

The Steel Box is a quest item in Planescape: Torment.

Uses Edit

Main article: Mertwyn the Headless

It should be given to Mertwyn the Headless as part of his quest to recover his lost head.

Acquisition Edit

This steel box containing Mertwyn's head is in possession of some Thugs in the Clerk's Ward, just outside of the Linguist's home. The Nameless One can either buy it from them, win it in competition, or take it by force.

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