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Stay of Execution is a major quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera which involves helping Tybir save his friend Ris from the gruesome execution in Circus Minor.

This quest is time sensitive. Ris has three days before he dies, so resting three times after getting the quest will doom him. Tybir will refuse to travel any further with the party should this happen.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is acquired by speaking to Tybir, who immediately asks for the Last Castoff's help. Tybir also offers to join the party.

Walkthrough Edit

There are several ways to resolve this quest. They are detailed below.

Forge a stay of execution Edit

Tybir initially proposes a scheme to forge a document demanding a stay of execution for Ris.

The first step is getting a Badge of Office to convince an official to hand over another man's stay of execution. Luckily, a merchant in Government Square named Sangolin sells just that, but only to city officials. There are several ways to get the badge from him:

  • Asking to buy it, and then passing an Intellect check to deceive him.
  • Asking to buy it and then accepting his offer of buying it secretly for 300 shins.
  • Stealing it while he isn't looking by passing a Speed check aided by the Quick Fingers skill. Failure at this has no consequence if Tybir is in the party apart from a retry cost of 2 speed.

With the badge, the Last Castoff can then speak to the Council Clerk at the lectern near Sangolin's shop to ask him for Col Cardin's documents. Convincing him to give them to the Last Castoff requires an intellect check, either for persuasion or deception.

Tybir immediately forges the document and adds Ris' name. Yeen the Overseer needs either to be deceived (intellect check) into freeing Ris, or, if the Last Castoff is honest with him, he will offer to let Ris go for 200 shins, stating that he's underpaid anyway. Note that instead of paying this fee, it is always possible to rally the crowd as a last resort, see below.

Rally the crowd Edit

Alternatively for the more honest Castoff, the crowd watching the execution can be convinced to demand that Ris be set free. A few skeptics are already among the crowd, and all four of them must be convinced before they call for the prisoner's release.

  • The Horrified Man can be convinced to rally with an Intellect check aided by the Persuasion skill. If Tybir is in the party, he has 100% chance of succeeding this check without expending effort. (Increases Indigo Tide.)
  • The Unmoved Woman can be convinced to lead the rally without a check (Increases Silver and Red Tide).
  • The Excited Man can be convinced that Ris is not in fact a traitor with an Intellect check, aided by the Persuasion and Deception skills. Tybir can do this without effort.
  • The Intrigued Woman can be shown that a man's life is more important than the wisdom she thinks she can find in his dying words. No check required.

Yeen is forced to free Ris, and storms off with his levies.

Results Edit

Instead of being grateful after being freed, Ris is incredibly upset at Tybir for putting him in that situation in the first place and demands his share of the profits. Tybir states that he wasn't payed, and Ris storms off, furious.

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