Stats in Torment: Tides of Numenera take three forms: Stats, stat pools and edge.

Stat Pools Edit

There are three primary stats, describing the mental and physical characteristics of a character:

  • Icon might small Might - Each point of Might also increases Health by 1.
  • Icon speed small Speed - Every 2 points of Speed also increases Icon evasion Evasion by 5%.
  • Icon intellect small Intellect - Every 2 points of Intellect also increases Icon willpower Willpower by 5%.

Each stat has its own pool. Every time a stat is used, be it in combat during crises, in conversation or through using an ability, points are deducted from the corresponding stat pool.

The party must rest to refill their stat pools.

Effort and EdgeEdit

For each task affected by a stat, effort can be applied to increase the chance of success. Applying a level of effort costs 2 points from the corresponding stat pool. This cost is reduced with the character's Edge in that stat.

Defensive stats Edit

  • Icon armor Armor provides protection from Physical damage.
  • Icon resistance Resistance protects from other types of damage, be it Chemical, Transdimensional etc...
  • Icon evasion Evasion
  • Icon willpower Willpower

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