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The Smoldering Corpse Area is located in the southeastern portion of the Hive.


There are several locations of note in this area:

Characters Edit

Characters of note in this area are:

Map Edit

To view X, Y coordinates in-game, press L.

Click the map to enlarge it.

Smoldering corpse area map

Experience Edit

There are a few ways of gaining experience in this area. (Check each character's individual page for more detailed information on quests and conversations.)

  • 500 XP for seeing through the Damsel in Distress' act (requires 14 int)
  • 400 XP for breaking up the fight between Tarin and Maeth, Elyce's brother and lover after she pleads for the Nameless One's help.
  • 1000 XP for asking Barking-Wilder about TNO's journal
  • 1000 XP for joining the Chaosmen faction with Barking-Wilder, if this is the first faction TNO joins.
  • 2000 XP for telling Barking-Wilder "Exactly" after asking to join the faction a second time after already being a member
  • 750 to 1250 XP and +1 to +5 pickpocket skill for catching a Druken Harlot attempting to pickpocket TNO. 250 extra XP for catching her wrist and snapping her neck.


  • 1000 XP total; 500 XP for agreeing to help Mourns-for-Trees to care for the trees.; 500 more XP for getting 3 companions to also care

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