The Silent King is the ruler of the Dead Nations. He sits upon the silent throne, which only allows live people upon it and does not release them until they pass into oblivion.

Accessing the throne room Edit

There are a few ways to access the Silent King's throne room:

  • Pickpocket the key to the Dead Nations from Hargrimm the Bleak (turns the Dead Nations hostile when the key is used)
  • Kill Hargrimm and take the key (turns the Dead Nations hostile)
  • Attack the Giant Skeletons that guard the entrance to his chamber (turns the Dead Nations hostile)
  • Ask Stale Mary to grant TNO access to the chamber (requires 16+ charisma, beware as this cannot be done if the Nameless One has already been released from the Dead Nations.)

Note: Gaining Hargrimm's trust by helping get rid of Soego and killing some cranium rats does NOT grant access to the Silent King. Hargrimm only grants TNO the right to leave the Dead Nations.

Conversation Edit

Hargrimm and Stale Mary are in the Silent King's chamber when TNO enters. They reveal that the Silent King is actually dead, and that they have been ruling in his stead with the hopes of keeping their society as peaceful as possible. They have kept it a secret largely because of Acaste and her ghouls, who only behave because of the King.

Dead nations throne room

Throne room of the Dead Nations, where the Silent King rules.

They also cannot replace the king because none of their own can take the throne, since it only accepts the living. The Nameless One can offer to take the throne, but this will end his journey since the throne never releases its occupant.

If TNO says that he will tell the Dead Nations citizens, Hargrimm, Stale Mary, and several Giant Skeletons will attack.

Alignment Edit

  • Lawful: Vowing not to tell anyone about the Silent King.
  • Chaotic: Vowing not to tell anyone about the Silent King, then breaking the vow, telling either Acaste or Many-as-One.
  • Chaotic: Lying that TNO will not reveal the Silent King's fate.


  • With a high enough dexterity, the Nameless One can swap out the Silent King's skull with an ordinary one. This can be useful when dealing with Lothar later in the game, but is not strictly necessary as there are other skulls that can be given to him.