Shilandra is a mageling with a kip in the Mortuary Area of the Hive. She studies magic, and is always on the lookout for new spells and incantations.

Quest Edit

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Shilandra's kip

Shilandra's Kip

Shilandra is involved in Mar's quest with the Ornate Box. After trying to deliver it to Ku'atraa and Brasken, the Nameless One is sent to Shilandra, since she was the one who gave it to Brasken, and she knows a little about magic.

She confirms that the box is called "Moridor's Box", that is is a thing of evil. While it was in her possession, she studied it extensively, and discovered the intricate spells on it are containment spells, to trap a powerful fiend inside. The spells on the box draw energy from its current owner, and if they were to be broken, the trapped fiend would no doubt seek and kill its owner.

She recommends bringing the box to a priest in the cathedral of the Alley of Dangerous Angles. If the Nameless One does so successfully and speaks to Shilandra afterward, she will congratulate you for breaking the curse, while lamenting her inability to decipher all the box's fiend-binding wards before its destruction.

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