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Shaky Foundations is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera which involves getting the sticha to stop tunneling under Cliff's Edge, where many homes are crumbling into the sea due to their foundations being weakened.

Acquisition Edit

This quest can be acquired from Peliai, a varjellan dispached by Sagus Cliffs' Council to negotiate with the sticha. At her wits end, she seeks help to put an end to the tunneling with a drastic measure: stealing the sticha eggs in order to blackmail the sticha into stopping their destructive ways. She off-handedly mentions that the Last Castoff can always try to negotiate with the sticha, although she doesn't hold much hope for that solution.

Option 1: Stealing the eggs Edit

The first option is to steal the sticha eggs. Since the sticha won't bring strangers to their precious lair without having earned their trust, the Last Castoff must find another way into it.

The sticha lair can be accessed by having the Master Foreman create a digging automaton out of the dead body of a stichus, which can be found in a collapsed tunnel to the southeast of the Underbelly. Once created, the automaton will be ready to bring the party to the lair.

The lair has a few juvenile stichas and three clutches of eggs. A crisis starts immediately after opening the first door into the lair. The stichas can either be fought or stunned via the pipes in the walls. Getting the eggs requires various intellect, speed or might tasks to be completed.

Once all the eggs are acquired, the party can leave the area through the tunnel through which they came in the first place.

Option 2: Negotiation Edit

A more peaceful way to resolve the problem is to negotiate with Ch'kekt, the representative of the sticha, and convince it that their digging here is causing harm to the humans above. The persuasion intellect task that shows Ch'kekt that if this issue continues, war might ensue is very difficult initially, a few arguments made beforehand reduce the difficulty significantly:

  • Promising that the city will give them a regular gift of power cells (this negatively affects Pelai's reward, see below)
  • Telling the sticha of the spire of black rock outside the city that would make a much better home for them anyway. The Last Castoff can learn about this by asking Mapper for a good place for the sticha, after Ch'kekt explains how the sticha need the rock for sustenance.
  • 40 XP
  • 300 shins
  • Ebon Eyes - Only if the sticha weren't promised the regular tribute.

Notes Edit

After sleeping for one day without resolving the quest, Mother Temaz's house would have collapsed. Amongst the rubble, the Last Castoff may recover the Beads of Mother Temaz.

After sleeping for two days without resolving the quest, Madelia Glittering's house would have collapsed and she would reluctantly sell you her pet Bao for 200 shins. It has the unique cosmetic effect of a red ball orbiting about the Last Castoff when equipped. Exhausting her dialogue will now unlock an option to kill the malformed Stitchus at Cliff's Edge.

After sleeping for four days without resolving the quest, Zebb's house would have fallen. And Nym too. The Last Castoff may now persuade Zebb to seek out the House of Empty Time if the Last Castoff is aware of it. If successful, Zebb will give the Last Castoff Dullstrike and Light Metal. Avina will continue to play the flute by herself.