Sev'Tai is a tiefling grieving the death of her three sisters in the Dustmen Memorial, to the west of the Mortuary.


The Nameless One can volunteer avenge her sisters' death by taking three lives from their killers, the Chaosmen. Three Starved Barking Dog Thugs can be found in the Smoldering Corpse Area (X=2900 Y=850) and killed to complete the quest. Or not.


  • Demanding payment pushes TNO's alignment towards Evil.
  • Saying "their actions were unjust" is Lawful.
  • Lying and telling her they're dead when TNO hasn't killed them is Chaotic. (And completes the quest)


There are two ways to resolve the quest. The honest way requires killing the thugs and rewards:

Otherwise TNO can lie and say he has killed them when he hasn't, resulting in:

  • 500 XP