Rauk is a simple minded man in a burnt building in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. This building houses a circle of chanting mages. Rauk calls them 'friends'.

Quest Edit

Rauk lost three rings he was supposed to keep safe for his mage friends, who intend to use them in a spell. All the rings can be found outside in the alley.

  • The brown one can be found in the tent at (X=1840 Y=1950), under the bench
  • The shiny one can be found in the tent at (X=2470 Y=1590), in the pile of wood near the stove
  • The pretty yellow one can be found in the tent at (X=870 Y=770), in a slat in the wooden bed

Giving the rings to Rauk grants 500 XP. Rauck then gives the rings to the mages, who summon... a Lim-Lim. Who promptly kills them all. It spared Rauk and TNO's party, and Rauk decides to name it Green Thing.

On the corpses of the dead mages, TNO can find:

If TNO kicks the Lim-Lim, a fight will ensue, and Rauck will become hostile as well. Killing the Lim-Lim grants 130 XP, and killing Rauk grants 65 XP. Verify if this has an effect on alignment

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