"This is a necklace made of pointed teeth. Examining it more closely, you see that each of the teeth has been hollowed out, as if it could carry a small amount of liquid.
"It is Quint's poison charm. When used it has the ability to cure various types of poisons"

Quint's Poison Charm is a quest item in Planescape: Torment.

Effects Edit

This item:

  • Cures Poison

It can only be used once before it is destroyed. Thus if it is used, it cannot be later returned to Quint for his quest reward.

Uses Edit

It can be returned to Quint in his shop in the Buried Village for 7500 XP.

Acquisition Edit

The charm is in the Buried Village, just immediately south of Marta's house (X=1050 Y=1680 - press L to view coordinates in-game). It can be a bit difficult to find because unlike most hidden treasure, the blue shape that shows up when the cursor passes over it is not recognizable as a container or other structural element; it is literally part of the mountain of garbage that the Buried Village is buried under.

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