"This infamous weapon is said to have once been wielded by the assassin Zar'anun. At first nothing more than a little known thief, Zar'anun soon rose high in the ranks of his guild by assassinating everyone who got in his way. His career came to an end when one of his 'possibly next' victims noticed that the upcoming thief was never without his daggers, keeping them with him even while bathing. When the daggers mysteriously disappeared, so did Zar'anun."

Stats Edit

Punch daggers carry on getting much better while heavier weapons increase in power only slowly; one of the penultimate hammer weapons is available at the same time (and it must be bought or stolen), as this weapon which is given free in a quest, and is a large step forward in damage and even has a stealth bonus.

Acquisition Edit

The Punch Daggers of Zar'Anun are a Lower Ward quest reward.

Lenny in the Lower Ward (2850, 2370 - use L key to find coordinates), the pivotal witness in the Trist (2430, 660) / Byron Pikit (1650, 1930) quests "Get Trist's loan documents" and "Find evidence that Byron Pikit is a criminal", gives these punch daggers to The Nameless One after training him as a Thief. TNO must obviously be in the thief class to receive this, but Lenny conveniently offers to change classes for him. It can be used by Annah, or The Nameless One in either the Fighter or Thief class.