Prata is a woman who appears to be transforming into an insect. She runs a shop in Circus Minor.

Merchant Edit

Prata sells a variety of useable items and cyphers. She can be asked for a discount during other conversation.

Icon Item Type Quanity
Sprayflesh icon Sprayflesh Usable 5
Elutriated force icon Elutriated Force Usable 3
Fleetfoot moss icon Fleetfoot Moss Usable 4
Encephalic rush icon Encephalic Rush Usable 2
Contingent subroutine icon Contingent Subroutine Cypher 1
Third man icon Third Man Cypher 1
Cryophorous dart icon Cryophorous Dart Cypher 1
Reconstitutor icon Reconstitutor Cypher 1
Phased detonation Phased Detonation Cypher 1

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