Pox is a collector doing his job in the Mortuary Area. He claims to know The Nameless One, and to have smuggled him into the Mortuary many times before. He has a bad green and purple colored rash, a curse from his parents that came true, he believes, and speaks in an unnaturally high voice, for a man his age. Pox works for a collector boss named Sharegrave, a rival of Pharod's.

Quest Edit

When Pox offers to smuggle TNO into the Mortuary for the first time, TNO can pretend to be dead. If TNO has 13 Charisma or more, Pox will deem him good enough and agree to traffic him in alive whenever he chooses.

Rewards Edit

  • 500 XP for playing dead convincingly.
  • 500 XP more for letting Pox smuggle TNO in for the first time.

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