Phineas T. Lort XXXIX is a nobleman relegated to the Hive's Office of Vermin and Disease Control, possibly because he annoyed his peers with his incessant talk.

Asking him about his life and how he ended up in this less than glamorous position allows the Nameless One and his party to rest for 8 hours while he speaks.

Quests Edit

Cranium rat tails Edit

Phineas offers a meager bounty of 1 copper for Cranium Rat tails.

Wererat Edit

After The Nameless One brings him 6 of the aforementioned tails, Phineas will discover a wererat in his storage room. Panicked, he will plead for help.

Killing the wererat rewards 250 XP.

A grateful Phineas grants 1000 experience and 200 copper (or, a not so grateful Phineas grants only half of this if TNO robbed him before – 500 XP and 100 copper).

Bug Edit

Due to a bug, the money reward for the Wererat quest may not actually be given to the party. (Check if this is fixed with Qwinn's Fixpack)

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