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The Order of Truth is a building in Sagus Cliffs and the headquarters of the Order of the same name in the city.

Quests Edit

Experience Edit

  • 2 XP for listening to Sn'erf's story.
  • 2 XP for listening to Sn'erf's perception of human intercourse.
  • 2 XP for remembering the language in which the base of the pyramid-shaped object is written in the west of the room (Intellect task aided by Anamnesis skill)
  • 2 XP for telling Min that the founder of this branch of the Order might have been the Changing God.

Trivia Edit

  • The desk to the east is filled with sketches and descriptions of doors, door-frames and archways. This may be a reference to Sigil's portals in the Planescape setting, which are often found in places such as those.

Items Edit

  • The book Abhumans of the Sagus Protectorate - A Study of Savagery can be found on a bookshelf here.

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