"Nordom's Crossbows are not the only gear spirits to have fled from Mechanus - Optix, a somewhat older and more curmudgeonly gear spirit, has been living his last few centuries in an alchemy lab in Sigil. When the alchemist passed away, Optix moved on to various odd jobs, including keg taps, cuckoo clocks, metronomes, corkscrews, and so on, never settling very long in one place. His most recent form, that of a sniper scope, seems to content him for now.
"Although Optix is an irritating nag to the two younger crossbow gear spirits, he *has* studied the physiology of creatures throughout the Planes. The two youngsters grudgingly admit (with reluctant, strained clicks) that his advice on how to aim for the eyes and other vital areas of creatures is quite valuable.
"Although it runs contrary to his nature, Optix can actually force itself to be charming to other small mechanical devices... just not for too long. While in Nordom's possession, Optix can be convinced to 'talk' to any locks you encounter and try to persuade them to unlock. This ability is the equivalent of a Knock spell, but it can only be used a certain number of times before Optix gets fed up and refuses to do it anymore.
"Another unfortunate aspect of Optix's presence is that once he's 'comfortable,' he doesn't like to come off. A Remove Curse will be needed to pull him off of Nordom's head if he becomes too irritating."

Optix is an equippable item. Its use is restricted to Nordom.


The item can be found in the Modron Maze.

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