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One True Love is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera involving finding a purple-haired woman and the object of Ohmadon's love.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is acquired by speaking to Omahdon in Caravanserai. He is searching for his love, a purple haired woman named Perseia, who succumbed to another of her bouts of madness. He says that at times like this, she thinks he is her enemy, not her lover.

Walkthrough Edit

Evidence of the woman's passage in Caravanserai can be found in the drawer of a nightstand in Tranquility's Rest, the nearby inn, in the form of an Antique Hair Clip, with strands of purple hair attached to it.

When shown this evidence, Omahdon asks the Last Castoff to speak to Tranquility, the owner of the inn, and ask her what she knows. Tranquility has a very different take on the situation: she explains that Perseia is not mad, and Omahdon is not in love. He found Perseia's corpse in the Valley of Dead Heroes and resurrected her because he thought her beautiful. But Perseia didn't immediately fall in love with him as he expected, and after explaining that she didn't share his feelings, she ran away. Omahdon has been pursuing her ever since, a slave to his obsession.

There are three options for dealing with this, detailed below.

Option 1: Convince Omahdon to stop following Perseia Edit

Option 2: Throw Omahdon off the trail Edit

Option 3: Bring Omahdon and Perseia together Edit