One-Ear is so named because he is missing one of his. He's a tiefling and a fiend who hangs out in the Northwestern Area of the Hive.

Quest Edit

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Nestor in the flophouse hasn't been paying for his stay. Arlo asks The Nameless One to deal with him, and Nestor won't leave without his fork, that was stolen from him by One-Ear. That's when he lost the ear, when Nestor bit it off.

One-Ear can be killed for the fork, which grants the 65 XP for the kill, but he can also be tricked into giving the ear back.

If he isn't provoked, he will tell TNO about how he came to loose his ear (this option requires 13+ charisma Verify exactly how much - charisma can be increased temporarily by the Friends spell). One-Ear reveals that he thinks the spirit of Nestor is haunting him, because he sometimes hears him muttering. This is very spooky to him. If TNO doesn't interrupt him, or reveal that Nestor is still alive and wanting his fork back, he will have the option to lie to One-Ear, telling him that he knows how to get rid of the "spirit", but he needs one of his possessions. May require intelligence check, verify. This course of action grants the Small Steel Fork and 200 XP.

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Lying to One-Ear to get the fork back.