Old Coppereyes is a mute Dustman with a copper sheen to his eyes in the Gathering Dust Bar. He offers Dead Contracts for the Hive dwellers to sign in exchange for the rights to their corpses when they die. They receive some sorely needed copper for signing.

Signing a Dead Contract Edit

The Nameless One can sign a Dead Contract with Old Coppereyes, in exchange for 50 coppers. It is recommended to sign with Mortai Gravesend first, since his price can be increased to 100 coppers, whereas the other dustmen cannot. If TNO has previously signed contracts with either Emoric or Mortai, singing a second or third contract will increase his chaos value.

He seems to be invincible. When you attack him, he takes no damage from magic or weapons.

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Signing more than one Dead Contract.

Trivia Edit

  • Old Coppereyes was supposed to be the proxy of a god of death, but only ended up being a mute with an abnormally large hit point pool during development. [1]

References Edit

  1. Chris Avellone, PS:T Old Coppereyes thread on February 6, 2000.

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