"Please, to whatever Dustman reads this; I beg of you. I know of my legal obligation under the terms of the Dead Contract, but I am prepared to offer *more* than my signing fee if you will cremate my body rather than Raising it. I have arranged for this note to be left with my body upon my death. If you are reading this, then please use this note as instructed and accept the result in exchange for my Contracted duty. Let my Contract number serve as the key."

Use Edit

This note can be read from the inventory and then used. Folding the note in the right sequence will solve the puzzle and grant a reward.

Each corner of the note is marked:

  • Upper Left = 0
  • Upper Right = 1
  • Lower Right = 2
  • Lower Left = 3

His contract number is the key: 1201.

So the solution is:

  • Upper Right
  • Lower Right
  • Upper Left
  • Upper Right
  • Unfold the Pyramid

(The dialogue sequence is 11211)

Reward Edit

Solving the puzzle grants:


This note is found in Zombie 1201's mouth on the Mortuary 2nd Floor. It must be extracted with a scalpel.

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