Norochj is an extremely pale and thin Dustman initiate and guard in the Gathering Dust Bar.

Quests Edit

The Mausoleum Edit

Main article: Mausoleum

Either asking Norochj why he is troubled or reading his Wanted Ad on "The Post" outside of the bar will start this quest. Norochj wants TNO to figure out the reason behind the unrest of corpses in the Mausoleum for him, and solve the problem, if possible.


(Note: Casting the level 1 Mage spell Friends can temporarily boost charisma to the required amount, since the effects of the spell stack.)

The Dustman thief Edit

Speaking to Emoric and asking to join the faction prompts him to send TNO to Norochj, who has another task for him: finding a thief masquerading as a Dustman.

The thief can be found in the Marketplace Area, and goes by the name of Ash-Mantle.

Returning to Norochj after dealing with the troublemaker grants 750 XP, and gets TNO one step further to joining the Dustmen.

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