Nodd is a collector in Ragpicker's Square. Nodd started hearing voices when he was young, and was sent to a 'winged tower', from which he later escaped. He was found by collectors, and has been with them ever since.

Quest Edit

When The Nameless One is about to take his leave, Nodd holds him back to ask if he knows his sister, Amarysse. They were separated a while back, and Nodd is too embarrassed by his present state, in rags and speech impaired as he is, to go looking for her. He wants TNO check on her.

Amarysse is in the Smoldering Corpse Area, and will want TNO to take 100 coppers to her brother.

Returning to Nodd and giving him new of his sister and the money grants 750 XP. TNO can, of course keep the money, but won't get the experience, and will get an increase to evil and/or chaos.

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Agreeing to find his sister for free.
  • Evil: Asking for money to find his sister.
  • Good, Chaotic: Lying to Nodd, telling him his sister is a servant in a tavern
  • Evil, Chaotic: Lying to Nodd, telling him his sister is a foul whore
  • Evil, Chaotic: Lying to get out of giving Nodd his sister's money.
  • Chaotic: Having spent Amarysse's money instead of giving it to Nodd.

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