Nestor is an old, half-crazed man living in the Northwestern Area's flophouse. For free, which drives Arlo, the one who runs the place, mad.

Quest Edit

Arlo sends the Nameless One over to Nestor, who isn't paying for staying in the flophouse.

When spoken to, Nestor keeps muttering about a fork, without which he can't go home. He says it was stolen, and when asked by who, he will show a dismembered ear that was in his pocket. TNO can either:

  • Kill Nestor for 65 XP (there is more experience to be gained by not killing him; doing this also lowers Arlo's reward).
  • Go in search of Nestor's fork.

A man called One-Ear can be found outside the flophouse, in the Northwestern area, at (X=1325 Y=650). There are two ways this can be resolved:

  • Fighting One-Ear for the fork (65 XP for the kill)
  • Talking One-Ear into giving TNO the fork (requires at least 13 charisma Verify exactly how much - charisma can be temporarily increased with the Friends spell) for 200 XP, if he is tricked into thinking TNO needs an item of the "spirit" to get rid of it. See One-Ear for more detail.

Bringing the fork back to Nestor grants 500 XP and an Obsidian Earring, then TNO can return to Arlo for a further reward.

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