"This is a 'negative token': a flat, black disk that appears to have no substance to it at all. Turning it over reveals that it has no third dimension – there is no thickness to this item at all. It gives you some command over creatures of shadow – you can command them to stand still for a few precious seconds. The more powerful the shadow, the less likely it will obey your command.
"As an added benefit, as long as this token is carried by *any* of your party members, it acts as a ward against shadows. It will not prevent shadows from attacking your group, but the shadows will find it more difficult to harm you while the Token is carried."

Effects Edit

Equipped effect (permanent bonus while the Negative Token is equipped):

Invoked effect (can possibly be used up to 17 times before the token is consumed):

  • Holds shadow creatures temporarily
Note: there is possibly no set minimum number of times the token can be used – perhaps because it is affected by how powerful the shadow is. Verification needed.

Acquisition Edit

The Negative Token can be found at:

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