Mourns-for-Trees is a man in the Smoldering Corpse Area of the Hive. Extremely upset about the condition of the decaying trees in the Hive, he tries to enlist the help of any passersby, convinced that all it would take is for enough people to believe in the trees for them to get better.


Mourns-for-Trees believes that if enough people care and believe in the trees, they will get better and stop dying. He asks for The Nameless One to believe in the trees, and get other people to help. Agreeing to help nets 500 XP.

Convincing companions to help:

  • Morte immediately agrees to help. With 13 Wisdom, The Nameless One can see through the lie and ask him again.
  • Annah will not care for the trees unless The Nameless One has at least 16 Charisma.
  • Ignus has a one-track mind and trees are very flammable, so asking for his help is inadvisable. Actually letting him burn the trees is Evil.
  • Fall-from-Grace will immediately help when asked.
  • Dak'kon will do it when asked. If ordered he will loose Morale.
  • Nordom requires The Nameless One have at least 15 Intelligence to explain to him how to believe in trees.
  • Vhailor won't help. Period.

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Answering "It doesn't really matter" to his "How are you?".
  • Good: Agreeing that it is sad the trees are dying.
  • Chaotic: Telling him "All things die".
  • Evil: Saying the trees are useless.
  • Lawful: Saying "That makes no sense" when he says that if enough people cared, the trees would live.
  • Good: Saying "Truth: I'll help".
  • Chaotic: Lying when offering to help.
  • Evil: Letting Ignus burn the trees.

Rewards Edit

  • 500 XP for agreeing to believe in the trees.
  • 500 XP more for getting 3 companions to believe in the trees.

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