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Mortimer "Morte" Rictusgrin
Morte, the floating skull
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human. Once.
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction None
Class Fighter
Level 1+
Location Mortuary 2nd Floor
Voiced by Rob Paulsen

Morte is a talking skull. His sole weapon seems to be his mouth, whether by taunting or biting. He seems to be along for the ride, whether you want him around or not.

You are somewhat curious as to how he is able to float around.

A floating skull with an acerbic attitude, Morte is a chaotic good character, the first to join The Nameless One's party. He is voiced with a US east coast accent by Rob Paulsen, who is from Detroit, Michigan.

While he lacks a body, he is a capable warrior in many aspects, biting with his sharp fangs and throwing foes off guard with taunts, while his smaller size, lack of vital organs and pseudo-undead nature protect him from many attacks that would normally inflict serious wounds. Many fans wonder where he keeps his inventory. Morte and The Nameless One have an extended history together. Morte is the source of much of the game's humor, not the least being the chaotic conversations that can result between him and the Nameless One, whom he refers to as Chief.

Morte starts off in your party at the very beginning of the game, and - if you do not remove him from your party - can help you learn much of The Nameless One's previous incarnations.

All companions except Ignus, Vhailor and Nordom have a morale rating, and they will leave the party if it gets too low.

History Edit

Towards the end of the game you find out where Morte came from: a Pillar of Skulls (WP) on the plane of Baator. Morte was pulled out by the Practical Incarnation from the pillar. The pile is composed of the skulls of all the people who died and have caused another to die through their lies. Morte's torment comes from the fact that he, prior to his death, lied to the Good Incarnation and told him that Ravel could make him immortal, and is thus responsible for the Nameless One's lamentable condition. If the Nameless One convinces Morte to reveal this history and forgives him, Morte becomes significantly stronger, his personal torment lessened.

While the conversations with Dak'kon and Annah and Ignus after they join all expand on or resolve aspects of those characters' lives, Morte's conversations take place at numerous times during the game and are purely storytelling, with no experience or character bonuses. Instead, the conversation with Fall-from-Grace leads to revelations about Morte. She mentions that he has the smell of Baator about him, and is skeptical that he is a Mimir. Questioning Morte about this gives him upgrades. Presumably, this may not happen if the player has not directed TNO to question the man in the southwest of the Hive Marketplace, who believes Morte to be a Mimir.

Stats Edit

Initial 20/20 4 19 12 16 16 13 9 6
Upgraded 16 18 18 13 9 6

Special Abilities Edit

Morte has two special abilites:

Animation and voice files Edit

In addition to unique fighting moves, each character has their own running animation, 'breathing' animation, and intermittent 'fidget' animation.

All characters have at least one 'selection' response, and at least one 'command confirmation' response. They have a 'miss' comment, and a 'critical hit' comment. They have an appeal when they are at very low HP, less than 15%.

After a period of no activity by the player with mouse or keyboard, characters will randomly speak 'bored' pronouncements. They will occasionally speak dialogue expressing their mood or sentiments, particularly in relation to other companions. And they will engage in conversations with certain of their fellow party members.

Morte has a US East Coast accent (maybe New York)

  • 'Fidget' animation: With a flip of his...himself, Morte throws a few teeth up in the air and catches them in his mouth
  • 'Selection': "Huh?".
  • Command: "...Okay."
  • Critical Miss: "Damnit!" Critical Hit: "Did you see that?"
  • Appeal: "My jaw is hanging on by a thread, could you give me a hand here?" Death: none
  • Level Up: "Looks like my skills have increased"
  • 'Bored' pronouncement: "Aw, c'mon, let's shake a leg. I mean, you, shake a leg."
  • Moody: (Companion dependent) "Ehh, I don't trust the Gith. I say we leave him behind." "You know, it wouldn't hurt to say a few words to me, fiendling...Or hug me...Or kiss me." "Hey chief, uh, what you say we get rid of Ignus, all right? He's burning his candle at both ends, if you know what I mean.", "I can't believe we're traveling with a cube that talks to his crossbows." "*Sigh* I think someone needs to oil Vhailor."

  • Interactive dialogue:
Morte: "Annah, could you stop flicking that tail, it's irritating." Annah: "If you shut your trap, then I'll stop waving my tail." Morte: "Flick away then.
Morte: "So, fiendling, let me, uh, sit on your lap and hear a little story." Annah: "Oh yeah, you trying to sit in my lap would make a grand tale.... and a short one." Morte: "I'll just float over here and sulk then."
Morte: "It couldn't hurt you to say a few words to me, fiendling." "Oh, aye, it could... hurt yeh, that is."
Morte: "Say, Annah, does that tail go all the way up?" Annah: "Oh, aye, up your bone box to rip out your brains." Morte: (in a Scottish accent which is surprisingly accurate given the thick Morte accent, mimics Annah) "'Aye, up your bone box to rip out your brains.'"
Annah: "Stand away from me, Morte." Morte: "I can't stand anywhere. It's this uh, legs thing, you know?" Annah: "FIND a way, skull."
Morte: "You know, fiendling, I've seen the way you look at the chief. Nothing to be ashamed of. Just say something." Annah: "I'll never tell him how I feel, nor shall you prattle on to him about it. There's a mark o' doom on 'im, and I'll not sway him from his path. D'you hear me skull?" Morte: "All right, all right, calm down. Sheesh."
Morte: "If things get any worse I might as well go dip my pen in the Lady of Pain." Annah: "Watch yer bone box, skull, don't be takin' her name in vain like that!" Morte: "What, you mean the Lady of Pain? Is talking about the Lady of Pain a bad thing? Why would the Lady of Pain mind us talking about her, Annah?" Annah: "Are you tryin' to get us all carved to pieces? Don't you be temptin' fate with that, skull!" Morte: "Fate shouldn't tempt me."
Morte: "Uff, Powers Above, I've got this stupid itch on the back of my head again, it's killing me." Annah: "Ah, serves ya right, skull, ya sure irritate the rest of us enough." Morte: "You know, one day I'll have an itch you can't scratch and I won't help you. Then my revenge will be complete."
Morte: "Annah, if you don't like me staring, why do you wear that, um, you know, that... that vest?" Annah: "It lets my skin breath, ya eejit." Morte: "Well, sure takes my breath away."
Morte: "Fiendling, I have to ask, where did you get that accent?" Annah: "Accent? What are ye on about?" Morte: "Never mind."

Annah: "Donnae be fooled by that Succubus. She's interested in you, cause of the shape of yer neck. It's just right for her to sink her teeth into." Morte: "I can think of worse ways to go." Annah: "If ye need to go somewhere, skull, don't let us keep ye." Morte: "I have a name, you know." Annah: "I've several names for you. None of them fit for polite company."

Morte: "You know, fiendling, you'd look a lot better if you dressed up some more. You know, a pair of lace boots with lengthy heels on them to go with those emerald eyes." Annah: "Oh, if I were you, I'd learn to latch yer bone box." Morte: "Well, if I were you, I'd rent a suite and not come out for a month."
Grace: "Your verbal skills are quite potent. I should have you spend some time at the Brothel when we get back." Morte: "Oh, the Gods are merciful!"
Grace: "Morte, I must confess, I'm curious as to how you became a floating skull." Morte: "It's a long story involving the head of Vecna. I don't want to talk about it." Grace: (amused) "That was you?"
Grace: "I'm curious, what happened to your body?" Morte: "Me? I'm the head of Vecna"
Morte: "Psst, hey, Nordom, calculate the easiest way for me to snuggle with Annah's pillows, okay?" Nordom: "Annah! Morte wants to 'snuggle with your pillows'."
Morte: "I'm gonna roll that stupid box like dice." Nordom: "That is physically impossible for you without surrogate arms. Nor am I numbered like a die."
Nordom: "Attention: Morte. I have a question. Do I have free will?" Morte: "If free will means obeying my orders without question, then yes." Nordom: "Free will does not seem to hold many benefits for a modron."
Morte: "Hey Nordom! Knock knock." Nordom: "Why do you persist in addressing me as a door?" Morte: "It's a joke, you stupid polygon. You're supposed to answer 'Who's there?'" Nordom: "I know who is there. It is you. Why would I ask a question when I know the answer?" Morte: "You know what, I... just forget it."
Morte: "Nordom, how come you never reload your crossbows?" Nordom: "They do not require reloading. They are always ready to fire." Morte: "That must be handy."
Morte: "Nordom, will you stop clicking your crossbows, it's driving me barmy." Nordom: "They are not clicking. They are in a period of deep discussion concerning this journey." Morte: "Once, just once, I'd like to travel with some normal people."
Nordom: "Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is the rule of three?"

MRT573: "Annah, a bottle of Furyondian Fire Amber, and a suite in the Festhall

Nordom: "Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is the rule of three?" Morte: "Annah, Fall-From-Grace and yours truly bathing in a Cimmerian mud flat." Nordom: "That conflicts with several previous definitions." Morte: "Hey, some people read the dictionary, others write it."

Characters also have 'Inventory full', 'Encumbered, cannot run', 'Encumbered, cannot move', 'Bash success', 'Bash fail', 'Target immune to weapon', a comment when they leave the party, a statement when approached again after they have been removed from the party, and a greeting when they rejoin the party[1]

Morte has files that activates if the player attempts to remove his default 'teeth' weapon: "I'd rather hold on to it, thanks.", "If I could part with it, I would! But it's a part of me."

All characters have files for when the player repeatedly selects them (such as hitting the number keys over and over): "You know what? We should get some female zombies to join this party, right chief?", "You know, if I could click you, you wouldn't know a moment's peace.", "Morte, like latin, for death.", "Women are the reason I became a monk. And uh, the reason I switched back."

There are many files that were created for the game and never used, files that are in the game engine and were never used, and files that were not implemented at release but have been restored by patches.

Citations Edit

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