Mortai Gravesend is an old, hyperactive Dustman in charge of many of the faction's Dead Contracts. Working from the Gathering Dust Bar, he routinely gets the Hive dwellers to sign these contracts that grant the faction the right to their corpses once they die, in exchange for sorely needed copper in life.

His eagerness to get as many contracts signed as possible, and his obsession with beating his dustmen competitors is viewed with disdain by his fellow faction members, since the whole philosophy of the dustmen centers around temperance and denying any sort of passion in life.

Quests Edit

Angyar's Contract Edit

Mortai was the one who convinced Angyar to sign his body away to be raised as a zombie worker in death. Angyar bitterly regrets his choice, and this wife (found in their home in the Mortuary Area) asks the Nameless One to convince Mortai to release her husband from the contract.

TNO can handle this in several ways:

  • Switch the contract for a forged one, if he has one. (Requires 13 Dexterity or 36 Pick Pockets, and a forged contract)
  • Reason with Mortai on philosophical grounds, if TNO knows the Dustmen doctrine.
  • Threatening him to hand over the contract (increases Evil or Chaos)

Any one of these options rewards 500 XP.

TNo can then go tear up the contract in front of Angyar, which rewards a further 500 XP.

Signing a Dead Contract Edit

Mortai also offers a Dead Contract to the Nameless One. He offers 50 copper for it, but his price can be raised to 100 coppers by the following method:

  • Asking him about Pharod, then
  • Ask about Emoric, then
  • Telling Mortai TNO was thinking of signing with Emoric instead.

For signing the contract, TNO will get 500 XP, and a further 250 XP when the signing is over.

Note: Signing with Mortai does not prevent TNO from signing other contracts with Emoric and Old Coppereyes, which grant further XP and copper rewards, but increase TNO's chaotic value.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil: Truthfully threatening to kill Mortai if he doesn't hand over Angyar's Dead Contract.
  • Chaotic: Bluffing that TNO will kill him if he doesn't hand over Angyar's contract.
  • Chaotic: Signing more than one Dead Contract

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