Marissa is one of the many students of Fall-from-Grace working in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts.

If asked to, she will turn a Lim-Lim to stone. See Stone Lim-Lim for more information.

Quest InvolvementEdit

Marissa's veil has gone missing. Because the slightest glance from her can turn a living creature to stone, she has been forced to hide away in her darkened room since its disappearance.

Nenny Nine-Eyes knows something about it, but she will need to be helped face her aversion to being "mean" before she will say anything.

After, she will tell the Nameless One that she saw Kimasxi Adder-Tongue leaving Marissa's room, and that she believes Kimasxi is the thief.

Kimasxi denies it, claiming that she has also had things stolen from her room. When asked about this, Nenny remembers that she saw a man sneak out of Kimasxi's room, but that she never saw him leave the brothel.

This information leads to Luis the Armoire, a man living in the brothel while pretending to be a wardrobe. He's in the first room on the left, near the brothel entrance.

Marissa's crimson veil will have to be taken from Luis, either with sleight of hand (dexterity 16 or higher), brute force (strength 16 or higher), or by waiting until he lets his guard down.

Before heading back to Marissa, be sure to bring the veil to Vivian so that she can retrieve her scent from it. After, return to Marissa to give her back the veil (25,000 XP).


  • Good: offering to help Marissa.
  • Evil: offering to help Marissa only in return for a reward.
  • Lawful: truthfully telling Marissa that the Nameless One is "...tall, muscular, and horribly scarred."
  • Chaotic: lying to Marissa by telling her that the Nameless One is "...tall, with an athletic build... very handsome..."

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