Mar is a man surrounded by dead Lim-Lims in the Northwestern Area of the Hive.

Quest Edit

Note: This quest must be completed before entering the Lower Ward area, otherwise it will fail.

Mar is in possession of a box he needs delivered quickly to Ku'atraa. After handing the Ornate Box over to the Nameless One, he warns "DO NOT OPEN THE BOX" before running off, giggling. (The Nameless One can open the box at this point, but it is inadvisable, since completing the quest is much, much more rewarding, with a total of 3000 XP.)

Ku'atraa can be found in his warehouse in the Smoldering Corpse Area. He wants nothing to do with that box, mumbles something about "evil" and "duping Mar", and instructs to give it to Brasken. Trying to give it to him rewards 250 XP.

Brasken is in his kip in the Marketplace Area (X=310 Y=1230), and also refuses to take the box, explaining that it is called "Moridor's Box" and is evil. This rewards 250 XP. He suggests taking it to Shilandra.

Shilandra is also in her kip in the Mortuary Area (X=310 Y=1230) and also doesn't want anything to do with it, although she does give information about how to remove the spells on the box so that it can be disposed of safely. This grants 250 XP again. She instructs that TNO should take it to the cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

In the cathedral, there is a priest named Aola who can, if given the box, destroy it. He keeps the gem, and informs TNO that the demon inside was banished to another realm. This grants 1000 XP.

Once the box is destroyed, Mar can be found in a slightly different location, still in the Northwestern Area (X=1015 Y=700), again, surrounded by dead Lim-Lims. He pleads for his life when TNO tells him he destroyed the box. TNO can either kill him, or, for more profit, spare him, which grants:

If the box is opened or the Nameless One exits the Hive with the box in his possession, talking to Mar will cause him to flee without granting any rewards.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil: Killing Mar at the end of the quest.

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