Mantuok is a wererat in the Warrens of Thought. When the party first enters the area, he is quick to confront them.

Conversation Edit

There are three ways this conversation can go:

  • It can result in a fight if TNO treats the wererat with hostility.
  • It can result in imprisonment if Mantuok gets the impression that TNO just stumbled into the area by accident (see Warrens of Thought#Escaping imprisonment).
  • It can result in Mantuok bringing TNO to see his leader, Many-as-One, if TNO says he comes from the Buried Village and needs to speak to Many-as-One personally (mentioning Soego in the Dead Nations if TNO has discovered his secret).



  • Chaotic, Evil: telling Mantuok the truth about the Silent King. (+2,000 XP)

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