Krystall is the leader of the Razor Angels, a Hive gang claiming territory in the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

She created the gang, and has led it ever since. They moved to the alley when the Trash Warrens were taken over by bigger gangs, in the hopes of eking out a better living. Her gang tries to avoid bloodshed whenever possible, and they impose a toll on the alley, which is the best way for them to earn a living.

Quest Edit

Main article: Blackrose

Krystall wants to see Rotten William, the leader of the rival Darkalley Shivs gang, dead. Killing him for her grants 1500 XP.

Alternatively, Rotten William also wants to see Krystall dead, and also grants 1500 XP for doing so.

Blackrose wants both Krystall and Rotten William dead, so he should be spoken to before disposing of either of the leaders. If TNO agrees to kill Krystall for him, he gains an extra 1500 XP.

If she isn't killed, she asks TNO to kill Blackrose after William, and rewards 1000 copper and 1500 XP.

Helping Krystall unlocks the Razor Angel Ink at Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Fix Edit

Contrary to the vanilla game, Qwinn's Fixpack assumes that a character who grants a monetary reward for a quest will drop that reward should they die. With the fixpack, Krystall will drop her 1000 copper reward when she is killed, making siding with her not as clear cut a choice as it is in the vanilla game.

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