"The *kasseg* are a species of mental parasite that feeds on the nervous energy of sentient creatures. Believed to be a deviant branch of the dreaded intellect devourers, the kasseg is different in that it soothes the mind and bolster its host's higher mental processes, taking over certain mundane thinking tasks in exchange for feeding on his nervous energy for a time.
"To 'use' the *kasseg*, the user simply attaches it to his bare skin. The *kasseg* then excretes a mucus-like resin that acts as a means of communication between the victim and itself. Once 'attached,' the *kasseg* lifespan drops to only a few hours."

Uses Edit

Usable by anyone, this item temporarily grants:

It can only be used once before it disappears.

Acquisition Edit

Kasseg, Cerebral Parasites can be acquired from Fhjull Forked-Tongue in the Outlands.

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