Jumble Murdersense is the mage who cursed Reekwind. He can be found in the Civic Festhall, in the Clerk's Ward.

Quest InvolvementEdit

Salabesh the Onyx will reveal that Jumble was the mage who cursed Reekwind. Confronting Jumble leads nowhere, as he will not speak to the Nameless One. He must be threatened.

Unfortunately, this results in the Nameless One being cursed. If convinced to help, Salabesh will teach the Nameless One a curse to cast on Jumble. He can be paid for his help or goaded into helping by implying he isn't capable.

Once cursed, Jumble is willing to remove the curses he placed on the Nameless One (10,000 XP) and Reekwind (1,000 XP). After this is done, Reekwind should be checked up (5,000 XP). If he has not yet shared his stories with the Nameless One, he will now do so for free.

Note: no matter how tempting it may be to end Jumble's life, doing so will cause the Harmonium guards that patrol the Clerk's Ward to attack the Nameless One every time he passes through the area.


  • Chaos: bluffing when threatening Jumble
  • Evil: being honest when threatening Jumble

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